Lost Car Key Replacement

Lost Car Key Replacement – Is it Possible? Since sometime in the late 1990’s car manufacturers changed how car keys worked in order to prevent car theft. The results of that change however has reduced car theft, however it has also created certain issues or more difficulties for the owners of these vehicles who have just one single key and when it gets broken, lost or stolen, it is usually too late for them. But if you have an original or new vehicle and are facing these problems then don’t worry as you can get a replacement or a key for your vehicle through some companies.

One way to get a lost car key replacement is to go to the local locksmith shops. In most cases you will be charged a small fee but sometimes they will also offer you a new key with free installation or at the very least the cost of the new key will be added onto the price of the original or new lock. If however you do not have time to go out to the local locksmiths, you can always resort to getting a new spare key. It is always better to replace the spare key rather than the entire lock system.

There are various ways by which people can easily replace their lost car keys. The first and most common method used by the locksmith is to replace the entire lock system which can be very expensive. Alternatively another option is to make use of the transponder. A transponder is what is installed in your vehicle when you initially purchase it; this is a small device that allows you to identify yourself and give your location (home or work).

So if you have lost your transponder why not try calling us? We are an emergency locksmiths company based in the North West of England. We are a member of the Association of House Builders and one of our core values is that our clients must feel relaxed and comfortable when using our services. Our experienced team is always ready to help our customers if the need arises.

As mentioned above we are a member of the HIA and AHDI and are therefore qualified to carry out key replacement under their approved guidelines. If you have lost your transponder then the first thing to do is to contact us. We will provide you with a quote for the complete lock replacement process and once you have received this then it is important that you follow through with the necessary steps to make sure your replacement is carried out to the very best of our ability. If you have lost your keys and require a locksmith to access your car then it is vital that you find out whether your chip keys are programmed to open the door automatically.

In the vast majority of cases where your spare keys have been programmed to open the car doors you will be able to get them back by either calling the locksmith you used or by visiting your local locksmith shop. If however, your car keys have been programmed to open the door manually we can provide you with a full and immediate replacement service. This usually includes resetting the existing key and installation of a new transponder with new access code. This is normally a one off fee and is worth hiring a locksmith for the job.

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