Termite Treatment – What is Involved?

Termite Treatment can help you prevent the destruction of your structure. But it can cost a fortune and take up much time. The treatment will also depend on the type of Termite. One of the best options is Liquid Termite Treatment. This Termite Treatment is very effective in destroying these pesky insects.

A Termite Treatment will generally use the aerosol liquid termite treatment on the ground and along the base of your house. In any event, the person who uses the treatment will be able to continue regular inspections with a Termite protector. The main ingredient of the Termite Treatment is methanol. You can purchase Termite baits at your local hardware store or from retailers that carry pesticides. When selecting a bait, make sure that it is labeled with directions for use.

Most Termite baits will contain three to five parts water, which breaks down the wood-destroying enzymes in the Termite’s body. These baits are effective for destroying not only the Termite itself, but also any colony of termites that are underground at the time of the treatment. Baiting is typically done with the aid of a long plastic tube that is connected to a sprinkler head. The tube directs the concentrated Termite Treatment liquid Termiticides down through the soil to where it is needed, usually right below the surface of the ground.

Liquid Termite Treatments will not harm structural wood framing, drywall or other non-cement materials. However, the liquid can damage plastic sheeting or painted surfaces because it is a hazardous substance. Also, termites may utilize the wood as a means of transport, therefore termites may also be present in treated lumber. For this reason, termites present in treated lumber must be eradicated from the premises prior to the application of Termite Treatment.

After applying Termite Treatment, it is extremely important to wait approximately two weeks before walking on the treated soil around your house. The reason for waiting is so that the Termite colonies do not become too established in the treated soil around your home, and then they will be resistant to the Termite Treatment. One Termite Treatment will exterminate one colony of termites, but in the event that two Termite Treatments fail to exterminate the termites, then additional treatments may be necessary to exterminate the remaining colonies of termites. If there are still termites present in your treated soil around your house, additional treatments may be necessary to completely eradicate the termites in your soil around your home. Additionally, when walking on the treated soil around your house, it is wise to refrain from walking on untreated wood on the interior trim of your walkway and garage.

Termite Treatment can be carried out in many different ways. One of these ways is with bait systems. A Termite Treatment consists of bait, which is a chemical that is injected under the ground around your house, and then the Termite baits are then strategically placed around your property to catch termites. One of the most common bait systems for Termite Control is the bait system with a termite trap. Termite baits can be found in various types, ranging from bait tubes and plastic worms, through to live crickets and earthworms.

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