Smart Key Duplication

The smart way to duplicate keys is called Smart Key Duplication and will not only increase your security, it also saves time and money. The procedure for smart key duplicating is not necessarily as easy as regular keys. You cannot just go to a locksmith and pick up a second set of keys cut down into an exact duplicate of a key. You will need to hire a qualified Boston locksmith who has the proper equipment and expertise for a smooth and successful smart key duplicating process.

It is important that when you receive your new keys that you double check that the keys are in fact the ones you want. Most of the time the locksmith will ask for identification. Do not sign anything or hand over your identification unless you are absolutely positive the keys are the ones you want. This does not mean you must give them all of your identification information. In most cases they will ask you for your social security number, but this information should be given voluntarily.

The process of smart key duplicating will require you to remove your existing keys from your lock. This is necessary to ensure that no one has access to the duplicate keys. You will need to take the duplicate keys to your locksmith and have the duplicate key placed into the lock. Make sure that all the duplicate keys are put into the lock and not put in some other area of the house that could be accessed.

If you want to change out your keys then you will have to use the same procedure as changing out your original key. The new duplicate key will need to be placed into the lock in the same manner as the original key was. Most locksmiths will allow you to do a trial run with the duplicate keys before you make a final decision to make a purchase. You should allow at least three tries to make sure you are comfortable with the installation of the duplicates.

It is very important to keep your duplicate keys in a safe place where they will not be accessible to children or anyone else. If you choose to lock these keys away then you must make sure the duplicate keys are password protected and will only be given to you. If you do lock the duplicate keys away then you will have to keep a copy of the password somewhere safe. If the password is not changed then the duplicate key can be accessed by anyone who is able to read the codes.

If you have duplicate keys installed on your door or have another person trying to access your home through your duplicate keys, it can be difficult to determine who is in possession of the keys. Therefore it is very important to have the duplicate keys installed and kept locked away until you know for sure that you have identified who is at your door or have them removed from your home.

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