Physical Therapy Specialist – Dr. Eric Stauffer

Dr. Eric Stauffer is a physical therapist who has trained for the Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine, The Ohio State University. He is also licensed as a podiatric physician by the state of California. As a podiatric physician, he received training in the field of orthopedic surgery from the University of Cincinnati College of Podiatric Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Stauffer has worked with a wide range of people who have different needs, such as those suffering from spinal cord injuries, stroke patients, and those recovering from an illness or accident. He received experience as a master’s degree in the subject of human anatomy from Sacred Heart University in the Department of Physical Therapy. While pursuing this master’s degree, he also obtained a two-year residency in podiatric medicine at the Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. In his first year of residency, he was the clinical director for an outpatient rehabilitation program.

Dr. Stauffer was then recruited to work with the Rehabilitation of Special Children in San Diego County where he worked closely with the Physical Therapists and Physical Education Specialists for nearly two years. In his first year there he developed the practice of individualized care and he has continued to work on this ever since. During his time in San Diego, he assisted the program in creating a program that would help children to become independent and fit into their new lives while improving their mental health. He was also part of a team that developed an educational program that helps students learn about their bodies, the body in general, and how to care for their bodies.

After six years of service as a physical therapy specialists, he was named director of the program. As director of the program, he was responsible for overseeing the clinical services, continuing education requirements, and the financial aspects of the program.

He was also involved in developing the program curriculum to train the therapists in their areas of expertise. He developed the training program in areas that were not covered in the traditional programs. He also designed the curriculum to ensure that the programs are readily available for all ages and abilities, so that all members of the community can benefit. From the services of the physical therapy specialists.

Dr. Stauffer’s dedication to working with the different groups of individuals and his patients have been able to make him a very popular figure in physical therapy and has earned him many accolades and awards. These include being a member of the Professional Practice Committee of Physical Therapy, American Physical Therapy Association, California Physical Therapy Association, and the San Diego Physical Therapy Association.

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